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‘Stawbery Moon’ is painted using oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a large painting on an artist’s high quality Windsor and Newton stretcher which is warp resistant.


91cm by 91cm


The painting is made using large brushstrokes and the texture of the paint and brush marks are visible on the surface of the canvas. It is painted using a combination of oil and acrylic paint which gives it extreme vibrancy and shine in some areas. In some areas of the painting the oil pigment is fluorescent which gives intense strong colour.


I live beside the sea and I’m always walking my dog on the beach or swimming in the open water. The tide varies massively in the area of Sussex where I live depending on the monthly cycle of the moon. One minute the tide is ow and out revealing miles of sand and at other times the tide is so high it almost pulls up onto the paths.


Lots of local swimmers meet on the beach at full moon and the moon a couple of months ago was so epic and bright pink. My photographs didn’t do it justice but I wanted to include it in one of my paintings of paradise at night.


Combining animals, pools and figures in my work gives me a chance to explore my own personal paradise in my work.



Oil and acrylic on deep edge cotton canvas

91cm x 91cm (35" x 35")

5cm deep (2") block canvas

Sold unframed


Contact to enquire about framing


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