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Step into a realm where lilac hues dance across a canvas, whispering tales of sun-kissed afternoons in a place reminiscent of Spain or Cuba.

The building, adorned with terracotta tiles, stands as a silent witness to the scene unfolding.

In the foreground, a woman plunges backward into a crystalline pool. Beside the water's edge, a group of women engage in conversation.

In the background, a man strolls leisurely, draped in a robe, accompanied by a dog. The painting evokes a sense of nostalgia for a place that may have existed only in dreams.

The interplay of vivid colors and the fluidity of brushstrokes transport you to a realm both familiar and fantastical.

‘A Need to Dream’ is painted using oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a large painting on an artist’s high quality Windsor and Newton stretcher which is warp resistant.

The painting is made using large brushstrokes and the texture of the paint and brush marks are visible on the surface of the canvas. It is painted using a combination of oil and acrylic paint which gives it extreme vibrancy and shine in some areas. In some areas of the painting the oil pigment is fluorescent which gives intense strong colour.


A Need to Dream


Oil and acrylic on deep edge cotton canvas

100cm x 100cm (39" x 39")

5cm deep (2") block canvas

Sold framed