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Requesting a bespoke piece of artwork, can be an exciting and creative process.


If you are considering commissioning an art piece for the first time for a special location or place or you have an idea in mind, or simply want to discover more about the process I am always happy to discuss ideas with you on an individual basis.

Contact hello@ruthmulvie for further information.

Arantza Elosua of the luxe Instagram feed @homefunkyhome shares her experience of commissioning artworks with us below:

Arantza Elosua

"They are filled with details and every time I look I discover something new"

What made you want to commission paintings?

It was a lovely suggestion by my husband as a 40th birthday present. We were meant to be abroad for my birthday but no one could have predicted 2020 so no plans went according to plan. I think that I wouldn’t have liked the original plan more than I do love these paintings!

How did you work together to develop the ideas?

I sent Ruth pictures of the buildings and things that were meaningful to me and she incorporated them in the art. Totally priceless.

How do you feel about the finished paintings?

They are truly special to us, they tell a lot of stories. They are filled with details and every time I look I discover something new. 


Images c/o @davidbarbour

Describe your interior style? 

I buy the things that I love and they work together because I surround myself by the things and colours that make me happy. I like unfussy interiors, practical for a family but that look cool.


We lived in a building site for 3 years so it’s nice to sit down and relax watching the amazing Scottish views of the city and countryside beyond with a nice coffee or cocktail in hand! 


Why would you suggest someone to commission an artwork?

It’s bespoke to everyone so I’d suggest get involved in the process while also giving the artist some free reign in terms of creativity. The result is second to none and you couldn’t replicate it in any other way.

For all commission enquiries, please email me at

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