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  • Ruthy Roo

'Joyland' Collection Launched

‘Joyland’ heralds a spectacular return to form for painter Ruth Mulvie. This most recent collection explores a more detailed merging of the real and unreal in a body of work that the artist describes as, “places I want to go to but have never been”.

Inspired by the Jungle paintings of Henri Rousseau, Mulvie travels through time to revisit beautiful vintage imagery. In doing so she creates a new group of landscapes, part real, part fantasy.

Mulvie explores this through her continued love of colour with candy floss pinks and bold peaches contrasting loudly against cerulean blues and phthalo turquoise. Mulvie explains “I love the heightened unreal colour in old vintage Kodachrome images and sometimes this can be enough to inspire a painting.

The Joyland paintings take elements from places we know and recognise and merge them with other found elements from old postcards and pictures less familiar. The effect of combining these disconnected images creates a feeling of space which inhabits strange world of fiction.

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