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Naked Eye - Meet the Artist Ruth Mulvie
Naked Eye - Meet the Artist Ruth Mulvie


Naked Eye - Meet the Artist Ruth Mulvie

Here are some excerpts from the recent Naked Eye Gallery interview with Ruth Mulvie, about her work, her creative process, colour and inspiration. 

"Colour is everything to me in my work. It's mood, it's feeling, it's my escape, and for me it's why I'm a painter. I think everyone sees the world in a different way but I experience it a lot through colour. The brighter the more beautiful. Strangely in my own living environment everything has to be white or grey! I suppose colour has too much of an emotional response to me. I need to live in calm white spaces. But these are perfect to hang my work on! My work looks great on white, black or grey. "

"One of my idols is David Hockney. I love the fact that as a most mature painter his colours are becoming even wilder and wilder. That is pure 'I don't give a damn' confidence!"

"In my recent works I am developing I have been studying 'Garden of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch. it is full of animals and women cavorting and playing in a utopia. I have borrowed this title for my most recent group of paintings and most of them feature women, water and animals."

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