100cm by 100cm, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 2018


‘Midnight at Lazy River' is painted using oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a large painting on an artists high quality stretcher frame. The painting is made using large brushstrokes and the texture of the paint and brush marks are highly visible on the surface of the canvas.


This painting belongs to a group of paintings that were made in 2017 called ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’. They took their title from the painting by Early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch, housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid which depicts a kind of heaven on Earth. I wanted to explore this in a group of paintings.


This painting is almost like a daydream. I imagined the swimmers in a beautiful tropical garden surrounded by peacocks. It took me some time to resolve this painting, so it wasn’t ready for the original exhibition as the plan had been to have a panda in the background space. Finally it came together when I added the sprinkles onto the doughnuts. I often like there to be an element of humour in the work.