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‘Flight of Fantasy’ is painted using oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a large painting on an artist’s high quality Windsor and Newton stretcher which is warp resistant.


The painting is made using large brushstrokes and the texture of the paint and brush marks are visible on the surface of the canvas.


The work is inspired by my love water and places of pleasure - sometimes real and sometimes imagined. The painting is based on several different locations. I wish to take something partly familiar and imbue it with humour, colour and joy. I try to create places I would like to go or remind me of places I may have been in dreams or visit in my childhood.

This painting is the first of a series of paintings that delve into the world of media Tycoon William Randolph Hearst and his fantasy playground - Hearst Castle.

Hearst's wild visions are the inspiration for these paintings, forged from information and sentences found in the letters between and Julia Morgan, California's first female architect and Hearst himself.

The paintings are pure technicolour fiction, collaged from the imagery of both Hearst Castle and other places and characters sharing in the fantasy party.

In this case I reference vintage photos from the 60s and add modern elements and animals and adjust the colours. The wilder and more fantastical the better for me. Painting is my medium to explore fantasy and imagination.

Flight of Fantasy


Paintings shipping is quoted on an individual basis depending on the dimensions, destination and weight of the work. Carriage can be arranged worldwide. For overseas shipping painting is crated.


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