‘Bramley Mermaids’ is painted using oil and acrylic on canvas. It is a small sized painting on an artist’s high quality Windsor and Newton stretcher which is warp resistant.


The painting is made using large brushstrokes and the texture of the paint and brush marks are visible on the surface of the canvas. It is painted using a combination of oil and acrylic paint which gives it extreme vibrancy and shine in some areas.


The work is inspired by my love of water and places of pleasure - sometimes real and sometimes imagined. The painting is based on the Victorian Bramley Baths just outside of Leeds in the UK. Last Autumn I took a trip to the baths to start to photograph ‘The Bramley Mermaids’ a synchronised swimming group of ladies united in their love of water. I love the old British baths and the hot drippy echoes their atmosphere creates. The mermaids playfully create performances infused with feelings of nostalgia and will be performing at a pop up pool exhibition I will be having later this year.

Bramley Mermaids

  • Oil and acrylic high flow on cotton canvas.






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